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Online Dating Tips That Work

By: lucy watson , Posted On: 2008-11-19
Want to know the best online dating tips? You may not be satisfied with the dates that you are expecting but there are a lot of dating tips that you can get on the internet. You may wear yourself out in parties, bars and clubs just to spot a date but there is another practical way of doing so without the hassle. Dating online is one of the most popular ways of meeting other people that you may like or be in a relationship with. Most of the time, those who have internet connection in their houses, they spend time visiting online dating sites to help them out in their dating dilemmas. Plus, you would not have to waste so much money on unnecessary bar hopping and blind dates.
The dating means has gone cyber. In other words, people are more comfortable chatting with possible persons to date and then turn out just fine. Many have revealed how thankful they are because they have finally found their love of their lives on the internet. So what are some online dating tips to remember and to keep in mind? First thing, find the persons who have almost the same standards you have. View as many profiles as possible to have a wider selection.

Remember, there are so many other people who are also looking for their dream dates so do not miss the chance. Once you have chosen the prospects, it is time that you get to know them. You either chat with them or exchange emails. In this way, you will get to know the person before actually meeting up with him or her. Some people may have different attitudes and personalities that is why you should know well enough if they fit your standards or not. If you are not a very outgoing person, you can try to look for a partner online.

This could build your confidence and then overcome your shyness in the end. Plus, your appearance will just be the next thing to your profile. What does that mean? People will judge you not because of how you look like but on how you interact and socialize. It is not enough that you look good.

Personality is a great factor in liking a person. Most of us would want a sweet and romantic date. So in online dating, you will be able to know a whole lot of people who have the same interests and hobbies as you are. Online dating could let you meet the person that is meant for you. In addition, did you know that 60 to 70% of women are into online dating? Do not waste your time and money on blind dates. The thing is, knowing the person first before the meet up so better trust an online dating site that is reliable and topnotch. These are just some of the online dating tips you can try.

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If you really want to find a gorgeous date, then why not visit the online dating tips. Who knows, you might find the right person just for you.

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First Date Tips For Internet Dating

Internet dating goes beyond the simple pleasure of getting to know another human being. While a normal first date may have the burden of unrealistic expectations and the baggage of previous relationships, internet first dates have additional concerns.

Here are some tips to consider when dating someone you met on the internet:

- No matter how glamorous or exciting your date may appear in cyberspace, the first meeting should be arranged to simply "feel out" the situation. Nothing fancy, just a brief encounter in a coffee shop, or even something simple such as a park. Treat this as your introduction and, if you have good feelings about the other person, it's an opportunity, if you wish, to arrange a "real date". This is the pre-launch phase.

If you go ahead with a real date, consider:

- Women sometimes crank up the pressure because of the hope that this guy is "the One". Slow down; it's just a date. Internet dating doesn't limit you to just one introduction.

- Have realistic expectations about a first internet date. Some people start planning their wedding and others expect the worst.

- If the internet date is a dud don't make any promises you won't keep. Don't be encouraging if you feel no interest in further socializing. Do be honest and say you feel there is not a basis for anything other than friendship and let your date take it from there.

Pick yourself up and move on. There are 110 million single adults in the United States alone.

- Give your internet date a chance. Take the time to listen and look for their special qualities.

- Have a specific plan. Do not leave things up to chance. Flexibility is nice but it reduces anxiety to know what to expect in terms of activity and how to dress.

- If the internet date goes well don't hang on until the wee hours of the morning. There will likely be a next time.

- No matter how wonderful your date is compared with the schmucks you've been seeing (or married to) don't tell him that he is a nice guy.

- A shared sense of humor is important. Try to bring laughter to the date. Try to get a laugh out of the guy. That way you know you've got something. If he doesn't get your jokes what else is he going to "get" about you? Humor is something that's difficult to convey on the internet. Now's your chance to shine!

- Be yourself.

People sometimes try too hard to impress. If they just relax a little, the date will go better and they will not have to worry about any of those little embellishments backfiring later on.

- The worst thing people do on first internet dates is lie. They are trying to improve their status so you will be interested in them. Stock room clerks become stock brokers. Para-legals suddenly emerge as fully-fledged lawyers.

- Do not give up.

But if things don't go well, be prepared. Take your cell phone along on the date. A discreet call to a friend can help you engineer an early end to the date.

- Worth mentioning again - if you are meeting someone you know only through a personal ad or an online dating service be sure to go to a place with plenty of other people around. And do not blab out your whole life story on the first date. Keep it general: music, books, movies.

- There is a difference between first dates and the first face-to-face contact with someone you connect with through an internet dating service or ad. That is a meeting to assess each other, not a date.

- Look for something creative and make sure it allows you to interact. It will help if the activity relates to a shared interest, such as art or music.

- Doing something you enjoy takes the pressure off.

- If you are comfortable with your first encounter, and seem to be compatible, set up a date to spend more time together.

- Remember that the first date is supposed to be fun. You are getting to know this person and he is getting to know you. It should not be something that feels like a meeting with your boss, or a job interview.

Perhaps the Number One Mistake people make on first internet dates is to judge the other person too quickly and harshly. Always keep an open mind. There is so much to discover about a person.

Dating Articles

Blind Date
By Kevin Lynch

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Tips On Getting A Girlfriend

By: Coulson , Posted On: 2008-07-10

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Tips On Getting A Girlfriend

Getting a girlfriend, having a steady relationship with one woman, is what most guys eventually want. We all want to play the field, but there comes a day when having that one special girl is really important.

One of the best things that you can do to get that girlfriend you want to be with and who wants to be with you is quite simple. Enjoy your own life first. Learn to be happy with who you are and what you want out of life. If your happy with yourself, you'll look for a girl that has this quality, too. This healthy way to approach finding the right girl will pay off in spades later on.

Many, many people meet the girl of their dreams through friends and family. So, if you want to increase the number of girls to meet, enlarge your social circle. You'll have a greater amount of choices of who you can go out with. You also have the added benefit of finding someone who has the same tastes that you have and some of the same friends that you have. Having things in common is a great attractor.

Take the time to date different women. You want to be the right fit for the girl just as much as you want the girl to be a right fit for you. When you date different women and find out what their qualities, desires, and needs are you will be better equipped to know which girl will meets what you want in a partner.

Decide what qualities you want in a woman. This may take a little time. You may want to date the buxom brunette with the eyes that melt you into a pool of butter, but find out later on that those eyes melt a whole parade of men. Decide what you want to pursue in life, what interests you have, know your personality, etcetera. Match the woman who fits you the best.

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Alex Coulson has been a core leader in the ever evolving dating industry, he holds cutting-edge dating workshops/courses every weekend around Australia and regularly holds dating seminars on attracting women internationally.

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Online Dating Services - Plentyoffish, Lavalife, PerfectMatch, EHarmony

By: Michael Powers , Posted On: 2008-06-26

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Have you ever thought that it was too difficult to meet someone at a bar/pub, club, out and about in social situations? I am sure there has been a time in most peoples life when they have thought this and almost given up on the dating scene. We go through stretches of time where we don't want to deal with the whole process and we would rather just be "loners" and keep to ourself and with our friends because it is easier then stepping out of our shell and facing some of our fears. I know I have thought the same thing myself and instead of staying in my little box what I turned to was online dating services. I am sure you all know what these are and some of you have tried them at one point or another. I am going to go through a few of these services and explain them in a bit more detail here so some of you can try them out if you feel they may work for you.

Probably the most popular one of all is If you go to and search online dating services you most likely will come up with this dating service. As far as I know it is the top rated dating site in Canada and is ranked very highly in the United States as well. The design is very simple and the site is easy to navigate. It was designed by Marcus Frind who thought that most of the dating websites on the web at the time were too expensive to join so he created this free alternative for people that soon became very popular and many people joined it. If you are ever interested in online dating services this is probably one of the best ones to start with.

Another big name in the online dating service industry is This is a very popular site that is advertised all over the web and I think it may be also advertised on the radio as well. You can signup for free and meet local singles. Like other online dating services you can create a profile, search for singles, and make contact with singles you are interested in. The website claims to be the only site with 3 unique communities and is one of the best dating sites in Canada. It also has a feature to instant message singles.

eHarmony is another very popular online dating service website in Canada. It is advertised on the web and also on the radio and TV ads. The reason why some people may want to try this system is because of the patented Compatibility Matching System that narrows all the singles down to a highly selective group of singles. As well eHarmony claims that 90 eHarmony members get married every single day! By using this service you can break the ice easily and find out who is truly interested in you. is another site that is pretty popular when you look for online dating services. With you get: free compatibility profile, free to receive perfect matches, free to view photos, and free to read email. Like many of the other dating sites has a compatibility system that was designed based off of relationship expert Dr. Pepper Schwartz research. Dr. Schwartz has been on such things as, The Oprah Winfrey Show, NBC, ABC, and Today. There are many ways you can connect with singles at such as the IceBreaker feature where you can ask an IceBreaker question. If you struggle meeting people at bars/clubs, social events, etc this may be the right site for you to try.

Now if you are searching for online dating services in Canada one you may come across is This is not one I have personally used myself but it seems to be quite a popular online dating service as well. The site has all the typical type of things you expect in an online dating service such as: pics, vids, friends, mail, chat, etc. It looks like it is free to signup as well. So if you are in Canada and are interested in meeting people this site may be worth while to check out.

So the online dating services I mentioned above are just a few of the many online dating services out there. I would suggest if you are interested in meeting someone this way that you signup for one of these websites and build a profile and see how it goes. Don't get too disappointed if things don't work out right away. You need to give it time and maybe over time just update your profile and see who you meet. I would always be careful in who you meet as well and where you meet in the first place. You wouldn't want to meet someone in a very private place at first because the person you've been talking to may not be the person they really are. Just meet in a public place and everything should be fine. Hopefully this information I have given here is helpful for most of you to start with and if it isn't exactly the information you were looking for I would suggest going to and searching "Online Dating Services" and I am sure you will find the site you are looking for.

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Interested in getting more information about online dating, pickup lines, dating tips, dating quotes, and much much more? If so click here to get all the information you need for dating online!

In Love with a Friend

By: Dorothy Smith , Posted On: 2008-06-26

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Attracted by the headline, are you? If you are attracted by the headline, I take it for granted that you are in a thankless position of being in love with a friend, probably your best friend. I say thankless only for people who do not enjoy the pleasures of reciprocation in this matter. For those lucky people who have a healthy romantic relation with their best friend, no one is in a more joyous position than them. I think the number of such people fall short when compared to the vast numbers of people who fall in love with their friend and then can neither take a step forward, nor come back and start afresh.

Friendship has always been the base of any stable relationship, even if the relation is that of a parent and child. Love relations bloom best when the couples are each others’ best friends and have the level of comfort that takes them to the next stage; and then subsequently they tide over life’s hurdles, keeping the love and friendship alive in them. But what happens when you fall in love with your friend who loves some one else? Then you are faced with a very peculiar dilemma – on one hand you want your friend to be happy with the person he or she is in love and on the other hand, you want your friend to get that same happiness, but with you.

Then the angel and the demon in you start their conflict. One part of you cannot get over the friendship and move on and the other part of you cannot accept your friend with his or her love and stay a friend. You want to stay by your friend’s side but the moment he or she talks about the greatest happiness of their life that is their love, you feel the pangs of envy. That is when you start hating your friend as well. That is when the friendship suffers. That is when you choke the friendship to bring alive the emotion of love that would not come in the next thousand years.

Your friend looks for your support when he or she has a problem in their love life. But you cannot sympathize genuinely with your friend because you are inwardly happy. You want their relationship to end; you want to step in. What is most amazing is that you are too ashamed to admit it, even to yourself. You stand by the side of your friend, offer your support. Then things turn out well between the lovers and you are back to the dungeons of your dark, shameless self. You are back to being the lonely person that you were.

‘Gracefully depart’ – is what agony-aunts tell you. But you can’t do that. Your love is your life. You can’t hang around; it’s too painful. In this wide spectrum of emotions have you thought of your friend? What he or he might be feeling? Your friend is in no less of a torture. He or she can’t love you; the heart cannot be forced or directed. Your friend needs your support; your friend wants you to accept the love of his or her life. But the adamant you, you do not understand that. You are forcing her to choose. The split will bleed her heart, the heart of the person you love. Were you not ready to set fire to the world before he or she suffered the slightest scratch?

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Dorothy Smith, the author of this article, writes about the events & special occasions. Want to know more about friend’s love or love cards ?Send romantic ecards to your loved ones. Check some other resources .

Free Online Dating Tips - Chat And Body Language

By: Matt F , Posted On: 2008-06-25

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Chat and Online Dating advice: Understanding body language.

Communication is not based just on the spoken word. A great deal of learning is conveyed by body language, tone also via non verbal communications. Without looking at a person, it can be really easy to misunderstand or to give the wrong importance to words of phrases. This can often be the case with emails as people cannot often assess the humor behind someone's tone and therefore view a message as being alot more serious than it is.

Knowing and utilizing good body language could make the difference between a lasting relationship and an online dating failure. It's very important therefore, if engaging in online dating or online chat,to know this concept and to make it obvious when your chat is light hearted and humorous and when you are serious. Knowing the role body language plays in a conversation and chat is equally important when you meet your chat friend for the first time. When we trust someone, its common to pay less attention to the conversations we hear, however with new acquaintances we assess this person to a higher degree. Make certain that all of your signals stay positive and you cannot fail to impress

Understanding Body Language and chat
Body language is characterized of being made into groups of postures and meanings. It can be easier to understand the body language of others by taking certain body language groupings rather than concentrating on individual gestures.

When somebody is attentive and seemingly interested in what is being said it is flattering and makes you like that person you are speaking to. The art of making our bodies show that you are listening is not difficult to learn. The answer is to ignore distractions, phone calls and other people's chat while keeping your body mostly still. Move or lean forward to indicate to the person that you are interested in what they are saying or doing - appearing to get nearer in order to hear them. Slightly tilt your head towards them, look at the person while they are talking and show your interest by slightly furrowing your brow. Its very important to stay patient when the other person is speaking, pause slightly before you respond as if you are absorbing everything that they have said.

Open body language can be used for many conversations hopefully leading to a friendship. Open body language means your arms and legs are not crossed, open hands indicating a lack of concealment, extended eye contact and a smile shows that you are open and warming to the idea of your friendship.

Slow nodding and interest noises can confirm your intent and encourage the other person to keep speaking. When you consider the other persons actions they are comfortable that you understand and have the same opinions to their own.

All of this advice will help others to understand and like you and will show your appear open and honest. Read our other body language articles to find out about more subliminal body language signals you can utilize to impress your perfect partner.

Free Online Dating Site and Chat Rooms for Singles Australia Internet Dating

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Chat Online Dating Site Australia offers singles Free Online Dating Tips

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Free Online Dating Site Proves to be actually FREE!

By: Matt F , Posted On: 2008-06-05

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Leading online dating site has re-launched its website offering all new and existing members free use of all its facilities. There are no gimmicks or hidden surprises with their new offer.

Online daters have grown tired of online dating sites offering free online dating that doesnt deliver. Most sites offer kisses, roses, flirts, stamps, credits etc only to hit members up for a subscription somewhere down the track. offers free member contact, free instant messaging, free web/video chat, and free chat rooms. Their website also has a groups service where you can create your very own community. This online dating site seems to have the lot.

Hookmeup has all the very best features that rsvp, redhotpie, eharmony and aussiematchmaker offers, with one main difference being you wont at any stage be asked to pay. Hookmeup now has several thousand members. Registration is short and simple, and who knows, you might just find a friend or a hot date.

Another excellent component is how simple the website is to use. A simple menu to choose from. Its all spelt out in plain english. Long winded and complicated online dating sites are also frustrating for online daters.

With such an over supply of online dating sites out there has taken all the nonsense out of the online dating experience. Many singles are taking advantage of this free and state of the art website. The owners of hookmeup have done thorough research in providing online daters what they want. Free, simple, with loads of features.

Time and time again many online dating sites advertise free to browse, free to join, free to register etc etc. Its mis-leading and has given the online dating industry a bad name. Hookmeup should be a real hit in this industry. Online daters are becoming savy and no longer need to be tricked into paying for online dating when there are sites like hookmeup and others doing it for free.

Online dating is a way of life for many singles. As a result so many dating sites have popped up over the years. The tide is turning back to favour the online daters given all the choice thats available. I personally cant think of any other industry, be it related or not, where you can find some companies offering it all for free. The trick for the consumer is to find the online dating sites that are truely free.

Happy dating.

Article Directory: Free online dating andchat rooms for singles Australian online dating site offers general online dating advice.

Online Dating Explained

For many the task of dating can be a daunting experience which can lead to a lack of interest in meeting new people. There is a pressure to try and be someone who you may not be and it can be difficult to let your true personality shine because it's not easy letting down that protective wall. For those individuals who feel this way, there are other options which you can explore before giving up.

Traditional means of meeting people have changed as technology has increased. I know; we all get sick of that line that technology improves everything, but it really does. It takes processes that used to be complicated and simplifies them into something that even the most timid can dominate. Online dating is one of those areas. Anyone has the ability to meet many people who share common beliefs, interests, and are in the same situation as you, looking for that special someone.

There are many different sites out there on the internet which may be able to help you find someone who is the perfect match for you, and the best part is that it doesn't have to be a blind date sitting down at a restraint serving food you don't even enjoy. The ability to scroll through hundreds of profiles and chat with these individuals is an opportunity you now have.

To give a few examples of different companies who offer this type of service, you can check out Spark Networks or American Between the two of these companies you will find a variety of individuals who are interested in getting to know others. These companies have one thing in mind, and that is to help you find someone who will make you happy. They have carefully designed their sites to provide you with relative matches to the interests and beliefs that you have in your life. They can provide you with people to contact, but it's up to you to take the first step.

These sites will usually come with a subscription which allows you to login to their networks and create you own profile. You will then have the opportunity to browse through other people's profiles while at the same time have others check out what you have to say about yourself. In a way it's allowing people to find out more about you without having to converse. However, the ultimate goal is to find friendship which may lead to a lifetime of happiness.

If you are in a serious relationship and are interested in showing a little more affection, Tungsten Direct would like to help. They offer a wide selection of tungsten rings designed to last a lifetime. Their tungsten wedding bands will hold their polish for the life of the ring. This might be the perfect gift to take your love to the next level. See what they have to offer.
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Mike Allen is an Internet Marketing Specialist.

Can online dating help you meet Asian women?

What is online dating? It is a system that can improve matchmaking with the help of technology. This allows people from around the world to meet, interact and possibly develop a romantic relationship in an environment that doesn't imply the constraints of direct contact.

These services allow people to share information about them and choose their interlocutors based on various criteria like age or location. Websites may offer the opportunity to share photos and communicate with the help of chat rooms or message boards.

A general truth about most men is that we find Asian women particularly attractive. It may be because if their looks or the air of mystery that they give off or who knows what else, but one thing is for sure, Asian women will always be favorites among men.

Asian women interested in developing a relationship with a man are not so easy to find. Because there are so many candidates seeking to find an Asian female companion, the local population may not be as filled with potential candidates as you may hope.

This is one of the reasons why you should try the internet in order to find Asian women that you can develop a relationship with. The internet is the one place where you can find un-moderated interaction opportunities with women half way around the world.

Asian girls can easily be tracked with the help of a website created for these purposes. If you are interested in visiting such a website with lots of Asian girls to interact with, be sure to visit among all the others.

This website has one of the highest success rates when it comes to long-lasting relationships. One of the reasons for this may be because all of its visitors are using the website to meet new people. You may be able to find an interesting person that you have a lot in common with, develop a friendship that can later become more serious. Marriage is the ultimate happy ending.

Marriage is by many standards something that should be done only once in a lifetime. Asian girls may be the best choice for marriage since they can add some mystery to the relationship. You rarely get tired of looking and admiring Asian women, because they are attractive in everything they do, from dancing to doing daily chores around the house.

Every user from the website mentioned afore is well-intentioned, because the services provided by it don't imply ordering brides. Everything that happens here should lead to a meaningful, healthy and long-lasting relationship between two people that like each other.

If you are reluctant as far as this website goes, give it a shot and visit it once. One glimpse and you will see how attractive and irresistible these Asian girls are. If you sign up you are bound to find the girl of your dreams and live a happy life.
by Joha Hedin

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Bottom line is the internet is the best place to find Asian girls that you can develop a relationship with. The website mentioned afore is the best place where you can start your search for Asianwomen that are willing to spend the rest of their lives with you.

Make Money Online

A few ways to make money online

There are many ways of making a residual income or just a little bit of extra cash in your pocket by using the internet. It can be very hard to make money online, but if you have the right tools and the confidence, it can become very easy and make you very wealthy. Making money online is a great way to live, and if you are good at it, you can get out of those 9-5 jobs that we all hate! A few ways to make money online: Online surveys -Most of these will not make you very rich, but can give you quite a bit of extra money in your pocket and all you have to do is give your personal opinion. MLM (Multi-Level-Marketing) -These are programs you can sign up for and invite people to join and use the site product and get paid. These are kind of like pyramid schemes, which are illegal by the way, except these have other products. (some are free but others will have an initial fee or monthly fee) Affiliate Marketing -This is a great way to make money online. You get paid to traffic people to sites and can get paid with pay-per-click or pay-per-sale using affiliate programs. Works good if you have your own website. Selling- If you have products that you can sell, using the internet is a great way! Anyone can make money online. All your really need is a computer with access to the internet, your brain, and the initiative and confidence to accomplish success! Learn how I make Money online!!!
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